Quik Review

Product Summary

  • Employee Performance Reviews can now be simple to complete and administer.
  • One page review form that rates performance based on critical competencies and weights the factors as to importance.
  • Spreadsheet that will track performance scores for bonuses and merit salary increases.
  • Budget your bonuses and merit salary increases and track resulting variances.
  • Provide employees with a provided Summary Form detailing their performance scores and salary increases.

Quik Review is an Employee Performance Review System that simplifies the review form, the tracking spreadsheet, and the summary form that is returned to the employee.

  • The Performance Review Form is much shorter than other forms. This makes the review process quicker and simpler. The form is a one-page document that rates the performance of the employee on a 1=low to 5=high scale. There are four primary competencies that are used as the review factors. These can be the default competencies or others of your choosing.
  • Competency factors are weighted based on the importance of the factor.
  • Reviews can be tracked on a quarterly and/or annual basis.
  • Set budget for merit salary increases and view variances from budgets once ratings are determined.
  • Base merit salary increases on a combined percentage of company performance, department performance, and individual performance. Also, weight the final pay-out based on how many days the employee worked in the quarter.
  • Quik Review Spreadsheet will automatically highlight which cells need input based on who get a bonus or merit increase. There is very little data input that is required.
  • Print a Summary Form for each employee showing their bonus and/or merit salary increase amounts throughout the year. Employee can see the performance review ratings, pertinent dates and dollar amounts.
  • Quik Review makes the employee performance review processes simple for the employee and the company! The forms are thorough and easy to complete.

Key Benefits

  • Easy one-page Performance Review Form
  • Detailed spreadsheet to track bonus and/or merit salary increase amounts
  • Summary Form to provide the employee with detail about their performance